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The FIRST PARTY grants authorization to the AGENCY to market the above property with the following conditions:

  1. The FIRST PARTY guarantees that:
    1. The FIRST PARTY is a legal owner and has rights to the aforementioned property.
    2. The aforementioned property is not in dispute with any other parties.
  1. The FIRST PARTY hereby grants the AGENCY, rights to:
    1. Show the property mentioned above and do an inspection with a prospective tenant.
    2. Advertise and promote the property with a marketing plan that has been agreed by both parties.
  1. The FIRST PARTY hereby submits a copy of all data, and documents related to the aforementioned property.
  1. The FIRST PARTY agrees to pay the AGENCY commission of 5 % of the total transaction value.
  1. If there is a cancellation from the prospective Tenant/Buyer, the AGENCY is entitled to half of the deposit as long as the amount does not exceed the agreed commission.
  1. This agreement is valid for one year upon the signing of this agreement.
  1. The Owner is free to market the property by himself and appoint another property agent.
  1. Both PARTIES agree to make settlements through arbitration should there be any matters or differences that may arise.
  1. To proceed with the listing of the property, FIRST PARTY needs to present the following documents to the AGENCY:

– Land certificate (SHM)

– Identification (KTP)

– Family Card from the Landlord (Karta Keluarga)

– Tax on land & building (PBB)

– Lease agreement between the FIRST PARTY and the Landlord.

– Land zoning and google location.