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Find the perfect villa to invest in Bali. Get a minimum ROI of 20% per year.
About Blue Beach Bali


Blue Beach Bali was born with the desire to help you find your highest return investment in Bali. We specializes in making the process easy and effective.

Our specific selection of exclusive high return properties aim at a minimum ROI of 20% per year.

Let our AREBI certified agency find the best fit for your investment,

Focusing on Uluwatu & Canggu

If you are looking for an investment property, we are the ONLY specialized and licensed real estate agency in Bali focusing on high yield.

Canggu and Uluwatu (Bukit in general) are currently the best places to invest in Bali and in Indonesia. Let us guide you through the best deals available. 

Focusing on Uluwatu

Located on Bali's southwestern tip, Uluwatu is a fusion of breathtaking cliffs, iconic temples, and world-class surf. Beyond its natural allure, it's emerging as a real estate goldmine, blending exclusive luxury with genuine Balinese charm. As infrastructure blossoms, investing in Uluwatu promises more than just property — it's a gateway to Bali's premium lifestyle and a prosperous future.

Focusing on Canggu

Located on Bali's southwest coast, Canggu is a blend of verdant rice paddies, renowned surf breaks, and vibrant arts scenes. Once a sleepy fishing village, it has evolved into a hub for digital nomads and expats, allured by its laid-back vibe. Canggu’s eclectic mix of trendy cafes, traditional warungs, and artisan boutiques make it a compelling investment choice for those seeking Bali's contemporary yet traditional essence.


At Blue Beach Bali we make sure there is no better investment for you than our unique selection of properties
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