10 things your competitors can teach you about real estate

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There is so much that you can learn by studying your competition at any business, but specially the real estate. First thing you must do, appart from studying your target clients, is study other enterprises of your area, the local ones, and then the big ones.

If you are starting in a new real estate business in Bali, you must know at least the big ones: Kibarer, Bali Home Inmo or Propertia. Then, study the little ones that are taking good notes of the biggest: Like Blue Beach Bali or Bali Treasure.

Analyze: What are they doing well? What are they doing wrong? What do you like/hate about the website interface? Does it go fast? Do you find what you need?

Here are some potential 10 things that competitors can teach individuals about real estate:

1. How to identify potential properties in desirable locations.

2. How to price properties effectively by researching comparable properties on the market.

3. How to market properties to attract potential buyers or renters.

4. How to negotiate deals and close sales efficiently.

5. How to leverage technology to enhance the buying or selling experience.

6. How to analyze market trends and adapt to changes in the industry.

7. How to cultivate a network of industry professionals and potential clients.

8. How to provide superior customer service to earn repeat business and referrals.

9. How to collaborate with other professionals in the industry.

10. How to properly manage properties to ensure tenant satisfaction and increased profitability.

Now go, and think about how each point can be substantial for you and your company, and how. If you need more info, we suggest you to go to other publications of our blog, you might find useful.

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